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Snow removal from the roof of a building

Your Go-to Source for Residential Snow Removal

While witnessing snowfalls in the winter can be a pleasant experience for many, heavy snowfall can cause a lot of trouble at your home. If you are having trouble clearing heavy snow from your home, rely on Romano’s Excavating Ltd for quick snow removal services in Summerland, Oliver, Kelowna, and Penticton. 


Persistent snow may block your pathways and damage the walkways, creating a safety hazard for your guests. At Romano’s Excavating Ltd, we understand how essential it is to keep piles of snow from accumulating in front of your building. We can efficiently remove the snow from your home and clear your pavers and driveways. Call us today if your property’s entrance or rooftop is blocked with snow.

Keeping You Safe

Several parts of your home, including the roof and foundation, are susceptible to damage from snow. In the event of heavy snowfall, you can contact Romano’s Excavating Ltd’s professionals to prevent damage by clearing snow from your house. Our experienced team offers free estimates for all our services.

A worker removing snow
Snow removal machine

Blocked Pathways?

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