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View of construction workers installing concrete septic tanks

Trust Us for the Design and Installation of Septic Systems

Looking to add a new septic system or get your old one replaced? Romano’s Excavating Ltd has skilled technicians to install septic systems that are suitable for your properties in Kelowna, Oliver, Penticton, and Summerland. We will first determine what kind of septic system you need based on the size of your property, number of occupants and bedrooms. We will then determine the treatment method your system requires by doing a soil test. This process enables us to design septic systems that meet the health standards of your area.

Post the design completion, we start the filing process after which we can install your septic system safely. To ensure it’s working properly, we will test the septic system before backfilling and grading the area around the system. Contact us today to learn more about our septic system design and installation process.

Caring for Your Septic Systems

You should not pour bleach or heavy-duty chemicals into your drains as they can kill the good bacteria in your septic tank and damage it. Discharge of softening agents and high-phosphorus detergents into the system can also cause issues.

Call us for a free quote for septic tank inspection, installation or repairs today.

Installation of septic tanks in progress
View of construction workers filling a trench

Foul Smell in Septic Tank?

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